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Anna’s Garden Journal Cards and Tags

This collection of surface pattern designs was inspired by my Granny’s former gardens in La Plata, Maryland. Nothing can capture the beauty of being there in real life, but I’ve tried to put my memories on fabric with this surface design – called “Anna’s Garden” in honor of her.

This free printable includes a set of journal card size swatches and tags that can be used for your handmade greeting cards, scrapbooks, gift-wrapping or journaling. They’d also work great for decoupage.

My grandmother created the most beautiful designs in her flower beds. At first glance you’d see just see myriad of colors and textures. On closer inspection you could see the artistry. It was as if she was creating art in her yard and flowers were the paint, soil was the canvas. It was a living floral landscape. I used to squint my eyes while staring into the beds and watch them transform into an impressionist painting, like a Monet. Last year she moved to Florida and she continues to garden, only now with more tropical and exotic plants. I miss sitting in La Plata, Maryland under her fig tree, smelling the green moss and memorizing the shape of the flower petals. If you like this collection of designs, they are available on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap in my Spoonflower shop.

Sizing / Finished Measurements:

  • Journal cards 3×4″


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