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Mustard and Gray Unicorns

I’m so excited to share my Mustard and Grey Unicorn fabric collection.   The collection features four themed prints with four coordinating basics.  These fabrics are available on Spoonflower.   Each of them can be modified in scale by contacting me through my Spoonflower shop.  You can also use these designs for clothing and accessories on  or on home decor items through   The baby bib cut and sew panel makes 10 single sided bibs or 5 reversible bibs when you purchase them printed on one yard of Organic Cotton Sateen.   You can easily access these using the design numbers under each swatch in the second photo using this URL: the design number

These mock up photos were generated using products from

My fabric customers are always welcome to sew handmade small batch products using my fabrics that are printed exclusively by

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Dragon Skins and Scales Fabric

A collection of dragon skins and scales.

I’m so excited to release my Dragon Skins and Scales fabric designs.   I’ve been on a mission to create “realistic” yet still fantasy inspired fabrics for dragon wing making.  After pouring over books about mythological beasts, studying fantasy art, taking photos of reptile skins, I’ve created a series of four basic skin textures in a variety of colors.

“Dinosaur Skins”

These designs are a non-directional seamless repeat that is meant to simulate the look of a leathery dinosaur skin.   I’d love to hear suggestions for additional colors.


Yellow and Green Dinosaur Skin



Color variations now available.





“Snake Skins”

These designs are a non-directional seamless repeat that is meant to look like a snakeskin style scale.


Red snakeskin style scales.


Color variations now available.






“Dragon Scales”

These designs are a more traditional dragon scale design.  They have a set direction running from selvage to selvage.  I can convert them to a vertical layout by request.


Traditional style dragon scales.


Color variations now available.






“Lizard Skins”

These designs were designed to look like a dry desert style lizard skin.


Blue lizard skin.


Yellow lizard skin.