May 2016

While doing the “Goldie” giveaway in March I found a very sweet Instagram follower, Aubrey, who suggested I make a lion.  What she didn’t know, is that I’d already been designing a lion pattern.  It was much more difficult than I had imagined.  He needed to look very “liony” but still appear to belong in the same “family” as my other animals.  After about a dozen failed prototypes I finally made “Douglas.” A sweet little guy with a beige mane and grey face who is just perfect for a new baby’s nursery.  Douglas just departed for his new home – with Aubrey!  🙂




26548150860_d782865870_oApril 2016

Sometimes I just like to surprise people instead of doing a contest giveaway.  Julie was a customer on Etsy.  We had been talking together to plan a custom unicorn for her daughter.  I was completely touched by how she described how excited she was to get her daugh

ter a unicorn.  She was about to order a small (but I knew her daughter really “needed” a large!  🙂   So – I swapped out her listing for cost of shipping.  I think she was super surprised!  But at the end of the day, I was happiest of all.  I knew my rainbow unicorn was going to a home where she would be very appreciated.  That’s priceless of course!




Goldie is looking for a home!

Goldie is looking for a home!

March 2016

The giveaway for the month of March 2016 is Goldie.  She’s a white fleece unicorn with golden-yellow hair.  Her wood plaque is painted pink with braided lavender trim.  My daughter says she looks a little bit too much like the Goldilicious unicorn, and I’d agree.  Since I never sell products that could be interpreted as a copy of a famous character – I’m choosing to GIVE Goldie away instead.  She needs a great home – after all, It’s not her fault she has a famous doppelganger.  On March 30th I’ll select one lucky person to receive Goldie.  Will it be you?    Just go to my unicorn giveaway IG post and follow the simple instructions if you’d like to offer Goldie a wall in your home.  






Previous giveaways: 

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First March 2016 recipient: suesanbarr

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January 2016 giveaway winnner: trekkiechic

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February 2016 recipient: houseofgamble


2nd March giveaway winner TDB (announced March 30, 2016)