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Peg Doll Fairies

This project comes with a fully illustrated step-by-step instruction booklet. Also included is a photo tutorial for visual learners. The 5 page pattern file contains four full-color variations of fairy shirts, wings and skirts. You will also get a bonus coloring page with blank pattern pieces.

If you prefer using head beads for your peg dolls, you can sill use my paper patterns for beautiful skirts and wings. Just omit the first page of fairy faces and print pages 3,4 for the skirts and wings.

I originally created this pattern for party activity stations and at children’s crafting tables. They are always a big hit. Children love seeing the “fairy bar” set up. Selecting the perfect outfits, coloring the faces – it’s so much fun! To create your own “fairy bar” activity table just print and pre-cut multiple copies of each pattern piece. Organize the pattern pieces on pretty platters surrounded by jars of glue sticks, wooden clothespins and baskets of markers or crayons. You can even add stickers, gemstones, glitter and other fun stuff to glam it up! I like to have nearby empty table ready to hold fairies after they are made and then tuck them into goody bags.  Real fabric fairy outfits are available in my Spoonflower shop.

Basic Skills Necessary:

Printable Pattern Variations:


  • scissors
  • printer
  • white card stock (best) or white paper (not as sturdy but will work)
  • adhesive of your choice
  • round wooden clothespin

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